What is Partial Vehicle Wrapping Dubai? Which is the Right Choice for Your Vehicles

Partial Vehicle Wrapping Dubai vs. Full Wrapping Dubai

Are you looking for vehicle branding in Dubai? But still confused? Both full and partial wraps have the common motive of changing the look of your vehicles to spread branding awareness to grow your business.  Basically, a full vinyl wrap Dubai covers the entire visible surface of your vehicle while a partial vehicle wrapping Dubai covers a part of your vehicle.

What’s a Full Wrapping?

With a full vehicle wrap, the entire panels of the vehicle body are wrapped. Perforated window vinyl graphics cover the rear windows on the vehicle. Full vinyl wraps Dubai also permits you to change the color of the vehicle, but attractive and creative advertising on your vehicle to make heads turn and pay attention to your brand. A really good vinyl vehicle wrap can be effectively captivating and engage those around you. While being effective, the potential downside to full wraps is that they are a little more expensive because they need more materials and require more installation time thus labor cost also increases.

What’s a Partial Vehicle Wrapping Dubai?

Partial vehicle wrapping Dubai are vinyl wraps that cover a portion of the car, truck, or van.  This is an option for companies working within a stipulated budget (And who isn’t working within a budget!). A well-designed partial wrap can bring in as much branding on the road as a full wrap.  The best partial wraps incorporate the base bold color of the vehicle into the design.  See the image below.  The design gradient color from the print on the back to the vehicle’s base color on the front.  There are endless design templates to include the paint color into the overall design. Our experts can help you with the same.

Partial vinyl wraps can cover most of the vehicle or only a small fraction of the vehicle.  Take a look at the images below to see how a clean minimalist design can create lasting awareness on the road.   This is a small example of vehicle branding Dubai created for a company with a small budget.

Which option is best for you?

Wondering which is the right option?  Whether a full vinyl wrap or partial vinyl wrap is right for your business?  Both are good at making heads turn on the road. If you’re really looking for options to enhance your marketing, a full wrap is highly captivating and cannot be missed on the road. Next time you are traveling, look for partially and fully wrapped vehicles and see which ones look more attractive to you. If you are working on a budget, a partial wrap is the best possible option. They both offer tremendous marketing reach that is economical, customizable vehicle design templates that build your brand, and the opportunity to obtain your market awareness for years to come.

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