Car Branding

Do you own a vehicle that you use solely for business purposes? Often overlooked, vehicle branding in Dubai is a highly-effective form of advertising that can put your brand in front of potential customers without any additional expenditure. Vehicle Graphics are also known as Vehicle Branding or Vehicle Signage or Vehicle Advertisement.

Vehicle Branding(Van Branding, Truck Branding or Bus Branding), Car Stickers, Car Vinyl Wrap, Vehicle Advertising Dubai

Vehicle Graphics includes Bus Wrapping, Van Branding, truck branding or Truck Graphics, Car StickersCar Vinyl Wrap, etc.

At PrintZone Advertising, we offer the complete range of vehicle branding and graphics solutions to customers based within Dubai and the UAE. Equipped with an experienced team of branding, design, and marketing consultants, we can bring your vision to life and get it installed onto your vehicle with ease. Not only can we design, develop, and implement a new look, but our team can also breathe new life into your existing design. The vinyl materials and inks that we use are carefully sourced to guarantee years of outdoor use without needing to rework on it. To know more about our company or our vehicle branding service in Dubai, reach out to us on +971-50-877-3876. Alternatively, you can also write to us at

Our Vehicle Branding Solutions

Full Vehicle Wrap

Customize the color or exterior finish of your vehicle with a full vehicle wrap. A full wrap does not damage the vehicle’s original paint job and can be removed at any time. As one of the leading printing press in Dubai, we can transform your car with premium quality graphics that will effectively advertise your brand or product.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

As suggested by its name, a partial wrap does not cover the entire vehicle. It is often used to provide a customized look for the Car, SUV, or Van by targeting specific areas of your vehicle. From the simple logos to digitally printed wraps, with PrintZone, you are guaranteed to receive a result that will exceed your expectations.

Vinyl Letters & Shapes

Self-adhesive vinyl stickers cut into shapes of letters or numbers can be used against any clean, smooth surface and are ideal for all types of vehicles. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is a great away to advertise your business and reach out to potential customers.

Benefits of Opting for Vehicle Graphics in Dubai

As mentioned, Vehicle graphics are an effective way to get your business’s message across to a broader audience. Here at PrintZone, we completely understand the importance of car branding and how it plays into your overall marketing strategy. Listed are some of the most significant advantages of vehicle branding:

  • A colorful, well-designed graphic can help to make your business vehicle stand out from other vehicles on the road.
  • Based on how many vehicles you own and how far they travel, you are bound to reach tens of thousands of potential customers in a day.
  • Unlike other forms of advertising, vehicle branding is a much simpler way to attract attention without much noise or distractions.
  • Unlike signages or hoardings, which have consistent reoccurring costs, vehicle graphics have a cheaper initial price and also require only minimum maintenance during its lifetime.


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