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Do you want your business to stand out in this struggling situation? Now is the  time to take control of your worries. Our creative vehicle advertising company will be able to elevate your brand with a customized fleet branding or truck graphics Dubai.

Vehicle wraps can be done on different vehicles, among those we have truck  branding (pick-up truck also available) or fleet branding. There are cost-effective vehicle wraps available. A unique, attractive truck or fleet wrapping changes your fleet into billboards on wheels that attracts potential clients better than any advertising option can. So, get set and find the most apt advertising solution.

Show-off Your Business on the Roads.

Small businesses consider vehicle branding as beyond their budget . But fleet branding makes it the most affordable compared to all other means to get your business’s name in front of your customers. As per a research by 3M, fleet branding is the most cost-effective and effective outdoor advertising. It delivers higher cost-per-thousand impressions than television, radio or outdoor billboards!

Also another study notes that :

  • 96% of survey respondents recollected the advertising on the truck
  • 94% believed vehicle ads created a positive impression about the advertiser.
  • 95% thought that fleet branding was more effective than billboards

Truck branding  Dubai transforms your vehicles into an effective marketing medium. By showcasing your brand on wheels, your business can pick up tens of thousands of impressions per day. In highly traffic cities like Dubai, vehicles have the potential to be seen by 40,000 to 60,000 people each day. Vehicles wraps also broaden your brand exposure across a locality, reaching a wider audience which includes people of different demographics.

Fleet branding in Dubai is really effective even when your truck is parked. When your business obtain a brand exposure 24*7, lead possibilities will be off the charts. 

Budget isn’t the only reason truck graphics is the preferred advertising method in Dubai method for small businesses. Unlike other offline ads that expire soon, fleet branding is long-lasting- a one-time investment which lasts for years. As time passes, a high quality wrap’s  effectiveness doesn’t fade, continuing to attract potential customers as successfully as it did the first day your vehicle hit the streets. Also there are many vehicle wrapping options like partial wraps, full wraps, 3d lettering, pattern vinyl wraps etc.

Truck Graphics in Dubai have other plus points. The vinyl cover protects your trucks/ fleets from wear and tear caused by dirt, dust and weather. Plus, dents or scratches in your fleet can be repaired more easily than repairing the exterior of your vehicle.

After you’ve completed business branding and a company logo that sets you apart from your business competitors, the next process is to ensure that your brand is visible. An attractive, creative platform that covers your service locality is the best promising way to get maximum effectiveness.

But if your fleet isn’t moving with easy-to-read messaging or a design that turns heads, you’re missing an opportunity—daily.

Our fleet wrapping and truck branding designs ensure that your brand grabs attention both on and off the road as part of our marketing strategy for our prestigious customers. Our satisfied clients report that vehicle branding pays for itself making this one of the smartest advertising investment.

Take advantage of your opportunity. Browse our portfolio and you’ll find the difference in how we design truck wraps—and why we’ve become the leading authorities on fleet branding.

Drive Brand Awareness With the Best Truck Graphics in Dubai.   We interact  with you smoothly from initial meetings through installation to satisfy you with the high quality you want, while closely monitoring your timeframe and budget. Call Printzone +971 50 877 3876 or email us at

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