When you are considering advertising in Dubai, you must get the proper signage approvals before starting. There are a few criteria that you should take care of while applying for signage approvals. Signages are primarily used for outdoor advertising; they can be hazardous if not installed properly or have unsafe or inappropriate content. When applying for signage approval, the design must adhere to public laws and local traditions, among other details. You must be well informed about the necessary documents and design regulations that the Dubai government authorities requires and permits so that the entire process moves forward smoothly without any rejections to save your time and money.

Our experienced team of staff members at Printzone Advertising LLC have been personally involved in applying and securing the necessary signage approvals from appropriate governmental agencies. At Prinztone Advertising LLC, we offer our services for applying for and securing the necessary signage approvals to reduce your headache and save your time. Our team will go through all your design requirements and artwork to ensure that they meet the guidelines set up by the government authorities.

In Dubai, the content in signage and hoarding signs need to follow UAE laws regarding public decency and local traditions. The signage’s name must be the same as the company’s name in the authorities Trade License. Electrical signages must not cause light pollution and disturbances to the surroundings, and all electrical components must be well insulated and hidden from public view. Even temporary signs can only be installed with proper signage approvals. Signs can be categorized broadly into permanent signages, temporary signages, flying signages, and transit signages. Signages that violate the guidelines will result in them getting removed or OK. These guidelines ensure that quality is maintained for all marketing endeavours taken up by businesses, and they do not cause harm to the surroundings and people. The entire signage approval process can take 4 to 7 working days once the application is completed.

Documents Required for Structural NOC

  • Advertising permit application
  • Location or site map
  • Request from Dubai Municipality to obtain Structural Completion Certificate
  • Structural calculations and drawings
  • NOC from Dubai Civil Defense

Documents Required for Signage Approval Application

  • Advertising permit application
  • Location or site map
  • Images of the existing building façade or site on which the sign is to be installed
  • Rendered and appropriately scald drawings of the signage and artwork, which shows the dimensions, sections, and material specifications
  • Structural calculations and drawings
  • 3D rendered image of the proposed signage on the building or the site
  • Undertaking letter from the owner of the property for signage installation
  • Appointment letter of the contractor
  • NOC from the relevant Authority
  • Copy of the Company Trade License
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Compliance method statement covering all activities
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