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7 Top Signage Mistakes You Better Not Make in Dubai

Choosing the best Sign Company in Dubai is a significant component to the overall branding of your business and it’s required to get the design properly. Unattractive signage design options can showcase a negative impression of your business, turning away even your most trusted customers. Below are the top signage mistakes you won’t dare to make:

7 Common Sign Works in Dubai Mistakes 

1. Overuse of Graphics

Overusing graphics in your business sign is a strict no. Such designs can be very catchy, but when excessively used they tend to turn people’s attention away from the content details. This ends up in sign boards that lose communication effectively, especially when you consider that most commutators will only see your signage for a few moments before passing by.

2.Wrong Font Selection

Generally, traditional fonts (which are legible) are always the first option for business signage. Many a time designers make the wrong choice of using stylish fonts but often it only makes the signage more difficult for people to read quickly.

3. Keeping it Overcrowded

The best signage companies in Dubai keep the design simple. Your customer audience will only have a small amount of time to process all the sign details on the sign board. If you overcrowd your business sign design, you will only make it more difficult for them to determine the details they need. For the most effective signage, keep your information crisp, clear, concise and minimise irrelevant details.

4. Low Contrast

Choosing the right contrast in your signboard is very significant. Many research have proven that right colours have a significant effect on people’s mind and psychology. But importantly, selecting right contrasting colours for the background and message will make your signboard legible and also attractive.

5. Choosing the improper positioning of the signage

Don’t make your perfect signage a mistake! The position or location of your signboard is very important. You can have the best sign in the world but if it’s visually obstructed by trees or buildings, then it’s going to be of no use. Choosing a professional signboard company in Dubai(like Printzone Advertising LLC) is a safe bet. 

6. Choosing Wrong Materials

It’s very important not to sacrifice quality of the sign to a lower cost. Your business signage is an investment and if you fall short on quality you’ll only end up paying more in the longer run. 

7. Signage which is not weather proof

Outdoor signage in Dubai needs to be able to withstand all types of weather conditions. You have to make sure to order signage material which is tough enough to withstand all climate. A faded and wind tattered sign is going to be bad for business and is a classic business signage mistake to make for ordinary printers.

Want To Avoid These Signboard Mistakes?

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