One of the essential things to keep in mind while planning to advertise your vehicle in Dubai is that you must acquire an RTA Permit to advertise on your private and commercial vehicles in Dubai. There are a few criteria that you should take care of while applying for a vehicle advertising permit. When applying for vehicle graphics approval, the design must first get inspected by the RTA officer to see if it follows the rules and regulations of the Dubai government. Upon getting the clearance, RTA will issue a permit for each vehicle for one year. You must be well informed about the necessary documents and design regulations that RTA requires and permits so that the entire process moves forward smoothly without any rejections to save your tie and money.

Our experienced team of staff members at Printzone Advertising LLC has been personally involved in applying and securing the necessary vehicle branding, graphics, and advertising permits from RTA. At Prinztone Advertising LLC, we offer our services for applying for and securing the necessary vehicle branding and advertising permits to reduce your headache and save your time.

Vehicle branding or logo can be categorized into the following categories:

  • Basic Logo Advertisement: You can displace your company logo, brand, or trademark on your vehicle for a nominal yearly fee. You can also include your trade names in English or Arabic, contact details, P.O. Box number, telephone number, email address, and company website address as per your trade license.
  • Partial or Half Wrap: You can cover halves of your vehicle, such as the sides and rear bumper, with vehicle graphics where it is mandatory to show the trade name and other text content in both English and Arabic.
  • Full or Complete Wrap: You can cover the entire vehicle with vehicle graphics except on the side and rear windows of the vehicle or the roof. It is mandatory to show the trade name and other text content in both English and Arabic. The cost for this is much more compared to the other two.

If the color percentage of the vehicle graphics exceeds 30%, an additional design approval needs to be procured from the Dubai Police.

If you’re advertising content related to real estate, a design approval certificate must be procured from the Department of Land and Property.

Ads can be displayed on rent-a-car vehicles from agencies after applying for RTA permission with the contract photocopies from the agency.

For displaying ads about 3rd parties, a contract or a registered trademark from the Ministry of Economy must be submitted along with the vehicle advertisement application.

Documents required for RTA permit for vehicle branding application:

  • Ad design and mockup of all four sides of the vehicle
  • Copy of company trade license (issued in Dubai)
  • Approval from Vehicle Inspection Department
  • Copy of vehicle’s ownership certificate
  • Letter of Request to the RTA

General Terms and Conditions

  • 50% or more of the vehicle graphics content should be in Arabic.
  • The Arabic trade name should match the vehicle ownership and license
  • Only activities mentioned in the trade license can be advertised on the vehicle.
  • A Dubai Police (CID) approval is required for changing the color of the vehicle.
  • It is mandatory to avail a No Objection Certificate from the Dubai Land Department for any advertisement related to real estate brokerage or real estate advertisement.
  • It is mandatory to avail a No Objection Certificate from the rental agency to advertise on rented vehicles.
  • It is mandatory to present either the ownership of the company trademark, which is registered at the Ministry of Economy, or the NOC of the owner ratified by the notary for advertisements for brands.

Graphics Requirements

  • The graphics on vehicles must not include heavy amounts of graphics or texts on any one side.
  • A maximum of 4 to 5 images can be used on anyone side
  • There should be no smoking symbols in all their forms
  • There should be no flags of countries
  • Religious slogans or symbols are not permitted on any vehicle graphics
  • There should be no images that violate public morality
  • Concerning language, no other language other than English or Arabic is not permitted on vehicles
  • There should be no 3D images
  • There should be no images of real people on any side of the vehicle
  • Images on the front upper part of the vehicle are not permitted
  • There should be no advertising on the windscreen
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