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What is brand identity? 

The promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design by means of logo, colours, graphics, business name and even font. Printzone provides car signage Dubai at best price

Will Car wrapping Dubai help in brand awareness?

Ofcourse, yes! Although, make sure it really benefits your company. Would you like to have a vehicle wrap (car wrapping Dubai)that is not attractive?

Vinyl Wrap Dubai – Essential Part of an Advertising Campaign

So, why is brand identity important when using vinyl wrap in Dubai? Vinyl Car wraps can be a vital part of your advertising campaign to bring out your brand identity. Did you know, in Dubai, an average person spends about 40-50 minutes driving to work. Double that and that’s the amount of time you’d spend commuting to and fro. So the moving and active advertising using car wraps will play an important role in the UAE market. The real motive of the car wrap is to showcase the company’s logo, image and brand in the mind of any potential customer. You would want your vehicle wrap to be attractive and at the same time durable. Your company’s branding includes any visual methods which help to promote your business. Signages, visiting cards, logo, customized apparel and website are all major factors along with the Vehicle wraps. 

Make Your Vehicle Wrap Aligned with Your Other Branding

Your car wrap should be compatible with all main branding coming under your business. This might require your existing signage be changed to match up with your attractive car wrap design. Each element in your brand should match the same style and design.

It also helps you set apart from your business rivals. The creativity and attractiveness in your brand and on your car wrap will make you stand out from the competitors.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Wrap focuses on Your Brand’s Core Values

Your car wrap should have the same motto or visuals of your company. This requires  the qualities you showcase your audience.  The new car graphics should reflect your business’s overall look and feel.

In order to be effective, brand identity should help you to build a community of customers that finds you impressive from their first look at your advertising. In short, Branding can change the way people look at your brand, it can drive new sales and increase brand awareness.

Improve your brand with a jaw-drop look

Your car wrap should catch a prospective customer in their first glance at your vehicle. It should be easily identifiable. By making an instant impression, it makes a guarantee to raise your business outlook in this competitive market. One main use of branding is to be easily discernible.

 If your vehicle wrap helps you to generate leads, then your  vehicle wrap is effective.

A car wrapping Dubai should be:



Crisp and Clear


A commuter may only see that vehicle for 4- 5 seconds or at 50-70 mph, so it must be memorable and noticeable and distinguishable from all the sides. Attractive graphics and flawless contact information are essential to improve traction and to increase your visibility.

Car wraps can be a unique way to create a strong image when it is done well, in fact, a car wrap can increase revenue as well. Printzone, is one of the best vehicle branding  companies in Dubai; We can guarantee  you attractive designs which helps you to get your advertising moving.  Contact us today to learn more about our Car wrapping in Dubai at best price.


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