Car wrapping Dubai
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Car wrapping Dubai
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Vehicle Wrapping Dubai

Most car wrapping Dubai, especially vinyl wrap Dubai, last long, but they can have wear and tear if not given proper care. They require regular checkups and maintenance to prolong their life and to maintain their vibrant vinyl wrap colors. Unfortunately, many car owners in Dubai are less cautious about their vehicle wrapping once they’re installed.

This in turn results in their brand reputation negatively as people normally relate poorly showcased car wraps with low grade services. Fortunately, your business can take care of this by upgrading yourself  with your car wrapping Dubai by providing regular maintenance for longer-lasting vehicle wrapping Dubai.

Below are the different ways on how you can extend the lifespan of your car wrapping in Dubai.

  1. Wash your vinyl wrap Dubai


As your vehicle is most of the time on the road, it’s prone to attract dirt or pollutants which can build up over  the body over time, destroying your wrap’s surface. This is one of the reasons why professionals recommend washing your vinyl wrap minimum once a week to get rid of dust and acidic pollutants.

While washing your car, try to get away from high-pressure car washing centers. The highly pressured jets of water can ultimately cause your vinyl wraps to lift or to form bubbles in certain areas of your wrap, leaving an unattractive appearance. Moreover, some car washes tend to use very hard chemicals that can make your wrap’s colors fade and become light over time.

To maintain your wrap for a prolonged time, handwash by using a gentle cleanser and a non-abrasive cleaner. At that point, wash completely to eliminate any cleanser buildup.


  1. Clean stains  on vehicle wraps immediately


At times we can see stains such as tree sap, bird droppings, and insects on the surfaces of the vehicle. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean you should allow them to leave as it makes them harder to eliminate.  Moreover, they can cause severe harm on your vehicle wrap, constraining you to get another one sooner. 

Continuously tidy up stains quickly by splashing the concerned region with warm, lathery water and washing to dispose of the toxins or pollutants.


  1. Park your vehicle away from direct sunlight 

It’s a well known fact  that direct fall of UV rays and other extreme weather elements such as rain can cause havoc on your car wrap, increasing vinyl sticker peeling and shortening its lifespan. Try your best to park your vehicle in a shady area like a parking garage, canopy, or concealed parking area.

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