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Looking for Premier Vehicle Graphics and Branding Company?

Dubai has been the major centre for any kind of commercial services pertaining to most industries – especially for media production among all cities in the GCC region. Even though in recent times other centres have grown specifically in the other Emirates of UAE, Dubai proudly claims the distinction of being the all encompassing hub for all productions – be it above-the-line (ATL) or below-the-line (BTL) media segments. 

At Print Zone, we provide all solutions in the production of all kinds of BTL requirements under one roof including vehicle graphics and car branding. Our services for vehicles advertising medium are referred to as:

  • Vehicle Graphics
  • Car Branding
  • Bus Wrapping
  • Trailer Branding
  • Car Advertising
  • Vehicle Branding
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Car Vinyl Wrapping
  • Van graphics
  • Car Sticker
  • Car Graphics Design

Vehicle graphics and branding in Dubai

Most of the businesses in the region operate with fleets of company-owned vehicles — be it beverages, dairy products, vegetables, furniture, home equipment or any other such products and services. Hence, almost all such companies take advantage of their available fleet of vehicles to carry their own brand messages as they only have to bear the production & fixing costs making the fleet a free media space! Which is why this medium of advertising is so popular with various businesses who operate through fleets of vehicles. Print Zone LLC has been providing this service to its clients from many different industries. Best vehicle graphics and branding is possible with quality workmanship in Print Zone LLC.

Vehicle graphics and car branding

This is a wide possibility area where a vehicle can be completely transformed into a moving advertising medium with an attractive message for the brand and its products. In addition to displaying the products these graphics help in the brand’s recall as a moving medium. 

Bus wrapping and van wrapping

This is a very good medium for outdoor advertising and is popular among many businesses in Dubai and the UAE. The whole body of a bus or a van can be converted into a moving advertising medium to carry your brand and product messages at a very convenient cost. At Print Zone, we are experts in all such bus and van wrapping work.

Trailer branding

Trailer branding is another popular option among outdoor advertisers, who come to us with various design and fixing requirements. We also carry out customized design installations on trailers as per need of the client, along with special lighting and fabrication.

Car advertising

Small to big size cars owned by companies are generally used to carry advertising messages. At Print Zone we can create beautiful advertising messages for your brand and company products in any colour to attract public attention. These car fleets can be put to good use to carry such advertising messages at a low cost. 

Vehicle branding

Many companies in UAE opt for this easy way to carry the company’s brand through their plying vehicles on the road. A free advertising medium gives the opportunity to carry a brand message through vehicle branding – a popular choice!

Mobile advertising

This medium of advertising to generate public interest and appeal to a brand is popular among some clients, for example, home furniture, home appliances, car manufacturer, etc. Print Zone is an expert in creating customised installations on large to small vehicles as per the client’s requirements. This involves design, fabrication, and installation along with special lighting arrangements. 

Car vinyl wrapping

Similar to bus wrapping, we also do the vinyl wrapping for small to big size cars – as per the requirement of the client. We utilise all visible areas on a car while transforming it into a moving display of your brand message!

Van graphics

Due to the rectangular shape of vans, utilisation of its body is much easier to create advertising messages through printed graphics. At Print Zone this is a very popular choice among our clients as there are many business houses in Dubai and UAE who own fleets of vans. It is very economical and easy for such businesses to convert these fleets into moving billboards though van graphics.

Car sticker and car graphic designs

Another economical and easy choice among clients is to use printed stickers on cars. Large or small cars can be utilised to carry such stickers with graphic designs produced by Print Zone in the best of quality and durability. We choose and use a special material to create such stickers considering the harsh climate of this region so that the printed stickers can withstand extreme heat conditions in the atmosphere. You can rely on Print Zone for all such graphic design and production for your cars.

Looking for vehicle graphics in UAE?

With increase in business activities in different industries and advent of new businesses that are getting established across the region almost on daily basis, the need for these business establishment owners and managers have grown multi-fold in the fulfillment of media production side, particularly the below-the-line segment. All such business houses look for easy, fast and affordable solutions to satisfy their needs. Print Zone LLC is one such one-stop-shop where the business owners and managers can get instant relief from their reliable and professional services. With us, you will find the best vehicle branding solutions – be it vehicle graphics, car wrap or any other vehicle graphics and branding services that you need in Dubai or any other emirates.

Best vehicle graphics and car branding company in UAE

Even though there is mushrooming of many media production companies which have sprouted in recent times, it is a real pain to find out the right shop especially when one is looking for multiple types of production services under one roof — that too at an affordable and logical price! In Print Zone, who is centrally located in Dubai and caters to clients in all other Emirates – we have found the right choice. With the application of new production technologies and methods, Print Zone has remained ahead by adopting advanced solutions to allow their clients the best results at affordable prices. When you look for van branding, bus wrap, car branding or any other type of vehicle graphics and branding in Dubai or other emirates we are the best provider of all such requirements. At Print Zone you have found the right match for your vehicle graphics and branding – both in quality and price.

Print Zone take care of all possibilities in vehicle graphics and branding

While people search for a variety of services within branding and vehicle graphics areas, we provide the best solutions at a very reasonable price and excellent quality in workmanship. In Dubai and the other emirates, there are a variety of needs in this field due to the popularity of the vehicles medium to carry advertising message and company brand name without having to pay for space, since vehicles belong to the company!

Service with a smile!

For any kind of vehicle graphics and car branding requirements Print Zone is the foremost one-stop-shop for all solutions at an economical price with best possible quality. To top it all, Print Zone staff are most friendly, efficient and always adhere to production and delivery timelines. This keeps all Print Zone clients satisfied and happy, which makes them return for more needs from this efficient and quality conscious one-stop-shop called Print Zone LLC in Dubai. Visit us, we’ll be more than happy to show you our facilities and workmanship quality while you have a cup of coffee in our office in Dubai.


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