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The first introduction to any business organization begins with a signboard – be it an office, a retail shop, a hotel or a cinema hall. The signboard which carries the name and logo of the business set up draws public attention to it and serves the purpose of creating an identity in the minds of onlookers. Therefore, every business set up needs a signboard or signage. Dubai has been the major center for any kind of signage and signboard production. Even though in recent times other centers have grown specifically in the other Emirates of UAE, Dubai proudly claims the distinction of being the all-encompassing hub for any kind of signage production.

Print Zone LLC in Dubai is a pioneer and a leading name in producing any kind of signboard and signage. It offers a large variety of signage and signboard solutions in Dubai and the whole region of UAE tagged with the best services for delivery and installation.

At Print Zone we produce a wide variety in signboards and signage which include:

  • Office Sign Boards
  • Indoor Signs
  • Outdoor Signs
  • LED Signs
  • Traffic & Safety Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Uni-Poles
  • Restaurant, Shop, Hotel signs
  • Neon Signs
  • 3D Signs
  • Channelume Letter Signs


Your search for Office Signboard ends here!

Print Zone LLC provides a full range of options in customized office signboards as per individual needs. We produce and deliver high-quality sign boards at competitive prices which help you save money as well as in advertising your name and brand to the public in the most stylish manner. We produce and install a variety of signboards in Dubai and across the other emirates, which is managed by our experienced and well-trained team of experts in this business. Our customer service is one of the best which keeps us ahead of our competitors. Our signboards are perfect in terms of durability, material quality and perfection in finishing – which makes them popular with our clients. The options in sign boards production with Print Zone are numerous and as per your need, we can supply a large variety of them.

Indoor Signage

These are mainly used inside shopping malls, shop fascia, visual merchandising in retail stores, shop front signs, directional signs, push through signs, shop window highlighting messages signs, etc. These are made mostly with materials such as neon, Pana flex, wood, acrylic, metal, aluminium, composite panels. Other innovative technologies are put to good use like fibre optics, LED, electroluminescent.

Outdoor Signage

We produce and install a variety of Outdoor Signages such as road signs, hospital signs, airport signs, academic institutions signs, government & other such facilities signs, shop front or fascia signs, warehouse signs, petrol station signs, school signs, tower, and high rise building signs, etc. The possibilities with Print Zone is endless!

LED Signage

We have a variety of LED (Light Emitting Diode) signage options like smart LED, siber LED, miracle LED, vista LED, bright Luxx LED for your to choose from as per a specific requirement and budget. This large number of choices make our clients happy as they get enough options to decide from at competitive prices and quality service from Print Zone.

Traffic, Safety and Directional Signs

Within the outdoor category this is an important area for smart and easy visibility signs which are very important for controlling and managing traffic in any city. We cater to such production requirements from the government as well as private organizations such as driving training institutions, schools & colleges to maintain traffic in their campuses. Print Zone provides the best solutions for all such safety signage needs at economical prices.


In any urban city, uni-poles are a common feature along the streets or other locations. In all the emirates Uni-poles are a common feature as it is one of the best for advertising in the outdoors with the highest visibility to the public on the move. At Print Zone we produce best quality solutions for advertising companies with large size printing for Uni-poles.

Neon Signs

One of the most popular options in outdoor/indoor signage is neon signs across the world. These are made out of tubes containing low-density neon gas which get illuminated through the use of electricity. We have a wide variety of colours to choose from for such neon tubes to create any signboard.

Restaurant, Shop & Hotel signs

This again is a large need segment in Dubai and other emirates. Dubai is globally known for its choicest restaurants and hotels for all kinds of people. These hotels and restaurants need best of signage solutions be it outdoor or indoor need. We cater to this field of requirement with a variety of solutions for hotels and restaurants. Likewise, for all kinds of shops be it inside malls or stand-alone hi street shops – we have perfect solutions for each type of need at Print Zone LLC.

3D Signage

We have an array of 3D letters fabricated out of aluminium panels which protrude from any surface with great visibility from a distance. These letters are fabricated with a minimum depth of 100 mm and the sides are painted. These can be either made as face lit or backlit as per need of the client. We can make the lit area in any colour using high-quality colour LED, translucent vinyl or coloured acrylic, depending on the client’s budget.

Channeleum Letter Signage

We have expertise in creating letters fabricated out of aluminium channeleums in any shape or size. These fabricated letters are strong and sturdy for a long lasting effect, particularly in outdoor use. Print Zone LLC is particularly known among competitors for our fine fabrication with quality workmanship at very reasonable costs.

We treat our clients differently!

What makes us different from any other signage and signboard companies in Dubai or other emirates? It is our individual care for each and every customer of ours by the trained expert staff, a large number of choices in each category of need in our company to choose from and very high-quality material and quality of workmanship. Our delivery, installation and after-sales service is unparalleled in the emirates.

Are you looking for the best signboard and signage company in Dubai?

With mushrooming of a number of small and big companies in this field it is a real pain to choose the right company to take care of your signboard and signage needs in Dubai and other emirates. Print Zone LLC is a one-stop-shop where the business owners and managers can get instant relief from reliable and professional services. We invite you to visit our premises where our friendly staff can give you a guided tour of our work and help you choose the right solutions to fulfill your need – be it small or big. We take care of all our clients who come to us for a large variety in signage and signboards in Dubai and from other emirates. In Print Zone, who is centrally located in Dubai and caters to clients in all other Emirates – we have found the right choice! So whenever you have a need for signage and signboards in Dubai, come have a cup of coffee with us!

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