7 mistakes to avoid in vinyl vehicle graphics Dubai

Vinyl Vehicle Graphics are highly efficient advertising tools in Dubai.

It helps to change your current vans to advertising space. Moreover, they are comparatively cheaper, effective, and simpler to work with. But, many times businesses fail to take advantage of vinyl vehicle graphics because of a few common mistakes. However, you can easily avoid them by following the below

  1. High Quality of Material for Van Branding in Dubai
    The quality of your vinyl plays an important role. Many a time, owners are tempted to choose a lower version vinyl to save a small money, this can cause the early damage of the vinyl graphics. This may occur in the form of peeling, discoloration, the formation of bubbles, etc. It can make your vehicle look unattractive and unprofessional.
    Even if it may look budget-friendly up front, selecting lower grade material will often end up at a higher cost when you will have to do it again to fix the problem.
  2. Take time in preparation of the VehicleThe truck or van should be cleaned thoroughly. Oil, dust, grease, or dirt results in poor adhesiveness and ends up in wrinkling or cause bubbles. Also, it can ruin the car paint if stuck under the vinyl.
  3. Proper Installation of vinyl vehicle graphics It takes years of experience and expertise to properly install a vinyl wrap. Unprofessional installation can cause a number of problems, including:
    • Stretched vinyl
    • Warped portions
    • Bubble formation
    • Patchy areas
    • Ruining the paint
    • Discoloration

    These issues can be overcome by an experienced team like Printzone.

  4. Choosing the right font for your truck branding in DubaiThe main motive of the vehicle graphics is to attract customers via branding or to give away promotional details to those who see it. So, your content should be readable. If people can’t understand the content, then they are unable to contact your business or even be able to identify the business. Be careful, as your potential will be seeing the details from a distance or while driving. So try to avoid fancy texts and fonts in your truck branding.
  5. Choose bright and contrasting colorsDon’t be afraid to use the color and design to attract attention. Your vinyl graphics color shades should be sufficiently contrasting to be easily readable. Bright colors and fun artwork can help grab people’s attention. Also, note that most people will see your vehicle for a short duration while driving or from while passing by. So, make sure your messages as legible as possible.
  6. Keep Graphics Simple but  CatchyThe biggest mistake a fleet graphics provider or a business can make is to create very busy designs which  tend to be hard to understand. Your wrap can look noisy or cluttered. If people can’t understand what your main message is, they will simply ignore it. Your clientele is already ad-blind.Also, Fleets should consider the dimensions of the vehicle from design through to practically. Beware that vehicle graphics can be easy to overdo on a computer screen. A heavy drop shadow under the test of the company name also can make it impossible to read. With vinyl vehicle graphics, less is usually more! So, be conservative with all details you wish to feature.
  7. Key aspects need to be big and legiblePeople who pass by won’t be able to look closely to see small text. Similarly, people who drive, won’t be able to get a good view. So, keep aspects or elements big and large format.

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