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Obtain an upgrade for your brand with durable and attractive 3D letter signage in Dubai that can be installed on both interiors and exteriors!

3 Dimensional lettering (or 3D logo ) is seen everywhere; it’s a trending way to market or promote your brand. These letters are made from either aluminum, acrylic, steel, foam, or even from formed plastic. The durability of the product depends on the material, although usually metal lasts longer(but it is also expensive) and another option is aluminum, which is a cost-effective alternative for a  metal look for less money.

3D letter signage is a very common signage choice for brands and businesses in Dubai because it’s bright, clear, legible, comprehensible, and also versatile in design. 3D letter signage is also ideal for both interior or exterior signage purposes, and also efficient in maintaining the brand name, advancing your audience reach, and helping your business to be found.


Since 3D letter sign works are so versatile, it may be difficult to sort out an attractive design that will suit your brand. It involves the following three simple steps:

  • Find the type of 3D lettering you’d like for your brand.
  • Determine options on sign lettering material and style.
  • Decide on your lettering thickness.

While deciding on each step, make sure you’re thinking in line with your advertising goals and corporate graphic standards. If you are of the type “we don’t need those!”, then now is a suitable time to think about your business branding and envisage your corporate graphic vision. We’ll guide you through the steps – so let’s help you get started!

Different Types of 3D SIGN WORKS IN DUBAI

3D Sign works in Dubai can be classified into two types: dimensional lettering and channel lettering.

Dimensional lettering Dubai is for non-illuminated (without lit) signage. Dimensional lettering is clear and legible, with various designs and finishing varieties to choose from. Dimensional lettering is used for indoor and outdoor signs.

Channel lettering Dubai is for illuminated (or lit) signs. Similar to dimensional lettering, channel lettering is built of three-dimensional letters but it is equipped with an internal lighting effect. Channel lettering is opted by most brands to the benefit of day-and-night visibility and it is commonly used as outdoor or Storefront Signage in Dubai.


Plastic(It  is a versatile sign letter material that is painted.)

Acrylic letters

PVC letters

Vinyl letters


Metals (opted for durable signage and attractiveness to  dimensional letter material for indoor signs.)

Aluminum letters

Brass letters

Bronze letters

Copper letters

Cast aluminum letters

Stainless steel letters

Letter foam ( It is a light-weight, high-density material used for  3D sign letter works in Dubai).


Acrylic Letters(Painted): Acrylic letters are painted to add longevity. Letters can be painted based on customer preference if any based on the brands.

 Back Painted letters: Acrylic letters can also be back-painted for a pristine look and a glossy finish. 

Acrylic Laminate: Acrylic laminates are a cost-effective way to add dimension to indoor signage.

Metal Laminate: Metal laminated Plastic or foam, is painted at the edges for the metal look.

Plaques: Dimensional lettering can be applied onto a plaque(made of metal and acrylic), lending a distinct style.

Digital Prints: Dimensional lettering is also used with a digital print. 

For further details on 3D sign works in Dubai for your business, get in touch with Printzone. We provide complete signage solutions for all types of indoor and outdoor signage requirements. Whether you are looking to revamp your interiors or upgrade your exterior signage(Storefront Signage in Dubai), we are here to help you meet your advertising goals within your budget.

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